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Truck accidents are responsible for a large number of fatalities and serious injuries throughout California. Because of the amount of damage that can ensue in a trucking accident, legislators have a separate set of rules and regulations governing truck drivers, including the number of hours they are permitted to drive per day. Because trucking rules and regulations are different than the rules of the road for car drivers, it is important that you retain a personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience with truck accident claims.

The trucking accident attorneys at Kennedy & Associates, Inc. are located in Riverside and provide experienced representation for individuals who suffer injury or loss from a truck accident. In addition to trucking accident claims, we also represent families in wrongful death claims caused by tractor-trailer accidents throughout the areas in and around Southern California. We have collected millions of dollars for hundreds of clients in personal injury claims, including trucking accident and wrongful death claims.

Some of the accidents may include the following:

  • Truck driver – including truck driver fatigue or a truck driver who was impaired by drugs or alcohol while driving.
  • Rig owner – including failure to properly inspect and maintain the rig (truck cab) for brakes, tires, lights and other safety features.
  • Trailer owner – including ensuring the tires, brakes and lights are all in proper working order and properly maintained.
  • Truck loaders – including ensuring the load is properly packed and balanced to prevent rollovers, especially when cornering.
  • Trucking companies – including failure to ensure that the drivers they hire are properly trained and licensed.

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